Monday, 15 October 2007

Seasons change...

Here we are. Autumn is in full swing and it is Ryan's second season. This is both exciting and disheartening to me. I tried the other day to remember exactly how it felt to hold her as a newborn and it was so hard! Some could blame it on mommy brain but I think it is just so easy to look ahead to when they can do this or that that we (ie me) forget to enjoy every second of where they are right now. I will try my hardest everyday to enjoy Ryan for who she is and what she can do that very day.

So what is Ryan up to right now at 3 months + 1 week you might ask? Lots! For the last few weeks she has been starting the day between 6 and 7am when she wakes for a feeding. Daddy, rushes to her assistance to rid her diaper of the nightly deposits and brings her to Mommy where she can have breakfast in bed! The life!! After she's had her fill its back to bed where she sometimes sleeps for another 3 hours. They tell this can change in a minute - I'm choosing to be in denial. For the rest of the day Ryan moves from crib to playmat to bouncy chair to Mommy never shy to let me know when she's tired of one or the other. We get out almost every afternoon to see the sights (the mall). Generally, Ryan has been getting to bed at 9ish and sleeping right through. The baby Gods have smiled upon Jason and I.
New skills? Ryan has turned into quite the chatty Kathy (notice the spelling) and loves to converse. She has quite the ability to time her responses appropriately too. "Do you love your Mommy Ryan?", "Ahhhaahhhhahhhhh". She has started to become a little shy in the presense of people she doesn't see every day and sometimes needs a little warm up period. The traits of her father are coming out more and more... she loves to suck on her hands and more specifically her index and middle finger. I believe there is photographic evidence proving that this has indeed been passed down through the genes although I have yet to see it. More than once her sweet little smile has turned into a laugh and while she is still not a fan of tummy time, she loves to sit-up (with assistance of course) and can hold her head without a problem. No problems with her vision either, she is picking up her parents bad habits all ready and loves to watch TV. She's not even picky about what's on! And now the piece de resistance, the latest and greatest skill.... The last couple of days Ryan has been picking stuff up from her lap and bring them to her face or mouth. Its to cute!
Another update in the life of Ryan! Stay tuned :o)