Saturday, 26 April 2008

Somebody's on the move!

You guessed it! Little Miss Ryan has put 2 and 2 together and has finally learned how to crawl (9 months and 3 weeks)! I must say, it was very exciting indeed. So how did it happen exactly... Ryan had just woken up from a nap minus her socks and I gave her a bottle. For some reason I didn't put her socks back on her like I usually do. I was talking to my friend Pam on the phone and I put Ryan on her playmat and walked to the kitchen. And then, I turned around towards the dining room and there she was peeking around the corner! She has been close to crawling for weeks now but always seems to just slip and slide. My guess is that without her socks she finally had enough traction to go somewhere! Forget about the playmat and the TV. Ryan is all over the house now. She is showing some wear and tear as well - a little blister is forming on her big toe! Another big milestone... Ryan had her first haircut! She handled it like a trooper - we took her to the mall and put her in a shopping cart and she sat in the basket while her stylist (lol) went to work. The only complication was that she really wanted to see the sissors and the comb!

We are happy to say we have secured childcare for Ryan as well. She will soon be spending her days with Trudy! For any of you who have been through the search for childcare, we had been to see a few people and left with alot of apprehension. When we left Trudy's we felt a great weight being lifted from our shoulders. Yeah! We hope that Ryan will love being at Trudy's almost as much as she enjoy's being home.

In the last month Ryan has also had cold #5 and #6. The worst she had was a stuffed up nose and perhaps a leaky eye. Within 4 or 5 days she was as good as new. Her top teeth have not made an appearance yet although I swear they will be out soon (note that Ryan loves to make a liar out of me)! She is also boycoting food in the solid form - all varieties. It all started with cold #5. She would get so frustrated at meal time that she would get agitated as soon as we put her in the highchair. We have now taken to sitting her with us at meal time with some finger foods. Occasionally I catch her mouth moving which I am taking as an indication that she put something in it? For now though, she is thriving on formula and will be until she decided its time to chew!

With each passing day there is more and more that Ryan is learning to do. She has definitely learned that she has control over our emotions and reactions and loves to 'scare' Nanny. She also loves to listen to music and shakes and wiggles when it comes on. As always, everything still goes into her mouth but now she likes to offer it to us as well - for a taste? for a kiss? Going for a walk in her stroller is still among the faves although I have learned after an hour and 1/2 walk with Sarah and Ava that 40 to 50 minutes is her thresh-hold. She loves to look around at everything and LOVES it especially when people stop to say hello - especially if there are children with them.

Until the next time!