Friday, 23 May 2008

Walka walka walka!

Well Jason and I were counting on English, hoping for a solid foundation in French, but we never dreamed that Ryan would be tri-lingual! She seems to be in the process of creating her own little language; a hybrid of perhaps of some Asian dialects with a little Trekki thrown in for good measure. Which brings me to her next monumental achievement.... Ryan has started sitting up in her crib! Its to cute to see her sitting there waiting for us to come and get her. The other night I was sitting on the couch at about 10pm (imagine!) and suddenly I thought, what if she's just sitting there and can't fugure out how to lie down again!? Well, I shared this concern with Jason and he went in to peek on her. He opened the door to find her sitting up with the little dragonfly from her mobile in her hand and her mobile tipped over on its side. That's when she looked at him and said, 'walka, walka, walka'. Sadly, that's also when the mobile came down.

So what else is going on..... The beginning of the month was rough. Little Miss Ryan who has been getting her teeth much later than her peers decided that she should get four top ones all at the same time! There was alot of crying, alot of cuddling, alot of waking in the middle of the night, a little Tylenol and oragel and then - there were her 4 front teeth. I would love to get a picture of these teeth but they are elusivc.... Really only visible when she's lying down to have her diaper changed or when I'm holding her mouth open to sneak a peak :o) Ryan has discovered that she is capable of feeding herself her bottle and she does it about half the time. Usually while she's sitting on Mommy and in rare cases while we're cruising around. She's a pretty strong little girl - I've seen her hold her 8oz bottle with one hand! She has a new found love of swings - she just lounges right back and waits for the push. Oh! Most importantly of all, Ryan is eating food! In the last week she has discovered chicken and we have to just giver her a little bit at a time or she will literly stuff her mouth! Did I mention that she has started hugging us back - what a feeling!

Hmmmm..... Without being able to verbalize it Ryan is quite capable of communicating 'MINE'. Once she gets her little hands on something she is quite sure that it belongs to her and nobody else. This possesiveness comes into play over the strangest things as well. For instance, we were grocery shopping the other day and Jason was pushing Ryan in her stroller and I was swinging a 2lb bag of carrots that Ryan grabbed ahold of. When we went through the checkout we had to use the wand to scan them, she kept them in the car and even held onto them for a bit after we got home. I think we may need to work on sharing.... She has also discovered the little button on the computer that shuts it down. We are getting shut down quite often as-of-late.

With that - I'm signing off before little Miss touchy touchy does it for me!