Monday, 22 March 2010

We're baaacckkk!!!!

So I thought I might try my hand at this blog thing again.... It has been awhile but it is really such a nice was to keep family up-to-date with your goings on and keep a nice little journal of all of the little things that you could so easily forget. Lord knows that at the rate that Ryan is coming out with cute little things that I get so taken with the new that I almost immediately forget the old.

This scrapbook page I did recently is a good example. In case you can't read the fine print, no Ryan does not have 2 daddies. However, she was sitting on the couch one night in her favourite position; birthaday suit, thumb firmly inserted in mouth and eyes glued to Curious George. All of a sudden she turns to look at Jason and says, 'Two Daddies?"!!! The poor little peanut, that is exactly what she was seeing without her glasses! We have been catching her seeing 2 of a lot of things lately. I guess this stresses the importance of wearing her glasses!