Monday, 29 November 2010

November - a review.

November went by way too fast - where does the time go really?  I kept meaning to blog but it just wasn't happening!  So here it is - a month in pictures.

Ryan is little-miss-helper extraordinaire.  Her trusty stool follows her most everywhere so she can 'help'. 

we played alot of games - mostly in Ryan's playroom in the basement until....

our thermostat caught on fire.  Not fun.  The electrician is coming this week.

We played some more games.  Candyland was going really well and Ryan was on her was to the basement to pick out a new one when....

SHE FELL DOWN THE STAIRS!!!!  Sorry, no picture of this moment.  After alot of hugs and kisses and snuggles and a call to Telecare, it was determined that she had a scalp injury and not a concussion.  Poor little Peanut!  We stayed home the next day.

Another day - after realizing that not only were we going to have to hire an electrician but also that our oven was on the bum and our air exchanger most likely needs a new motor, I cam home to this!  What is this you might ask?  Its a seasonal decoration that I had spent more than one occasion admiring with my friend Pam.   She decided that I needed to have it and left it waiting for me.  The note card attached has a beautiful sentiment along with the lyrics to the Golden Girls theme song.  All I have to say is right back at you Pam - THANK YOU for being my friend!

Some one told me that the snow was going to come early and that it was going to stay.  Ryan couldn't be happier!  Here she is trying to catch a snowflake....

...and here is the first snowman of the season!  She wanted to have a whole family complete with grandma's and grandpa's but there just wasn't enough snow (there is now though)!

That wasn't quite all of November...  Jason is done travelling, Ryan had her xmas concert  and we caught most of the Santa Clause parade but more of that in the next post!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Remember this?

I posted this pic a little while ago....  Here it is after some scrapbooking magic!

Just a little note for the memory vault....

Ryan knows right from left now and a couple of days ago I was explaining to her that she uses her right hand like Daddy and that I use my left hand.  Ever since then she has been reversing them.  She was doing this a lot during story time tonight and finally I said, "Ryan you know your right from your left! why do you keep doing that?'.  Almost in tears she said, 'No this is my left!' (it was quite obviously her right)...  Finally it occured to me - she was trying to be like me!  I said, 'Do you want this to be your left so you can be like Mama?'  To which she replied, 'umm hmmm'.  I let the issue drop (for now).

I hope that I am always worthy of this degree of modeling!