Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Remember this?

I posted this pic a little while ago....  Here it is after some scrapbooking magic!

Just a little note for the memory vault....

Ryan knows right from left now and a couple of days ago I was explaining to her that she uses her right hand like Daddy and that I use my left hand.  Ever since then she has been reversing them.  She was doing this a lot during story time tonight and finally I said, "Ryan you know your right from your left! why do you keep doing that?'.  Almost in tears she said, 'No this is my left!' (it was quite obviously her right)...  Finally it occured to me - she was trying to be like me!  I said, 'Do you want this to be your left so you can be like Mama?'  To which she replied, 'umm hmmm'.  I let the issue drop (for now).

I hope that I am always worthy of this degree of modeling!  


Hollee said...

Love this layout! :) And see - she knows when to follow Mommy! :)

TrudyNH said...

While Peanut may always have an opinion of how something should be done, she will always follow the example of her mom! Big Ryan just hollered "tell little Ryan I miss her SOOOOOO much mom". I heard him say to a friend of mine one day "Yeah, I had a little sister for a year. Her name was Ryan and I loved her a lot. Now she's a neighbor". You want to see someone confused!! I still giggle but he gets embarrased about it.