Sunday, 31 October 2010

Let me get this straight. I knock at the door, say 'trick or treat' and they give me candy? Whaaaatt?

This is Ryan's 4th Halloween but the first trick-or-treating.  Last year she refused to put on a costume so we didn't go.  At 4:30 Ryan told me that she didn't want to go trick-or-treating.  I was crushed.  I wanted to go trick or treating!  Anyway, we had some supper, got dressed up and she decided to humor me and start pounding the pave.  Of course, she didn't really do a lot of walking, Daddy pulled her in the wagon. 

We went to 5 or 6 houses and she thought it was the bomb.  Just knock and get candy?  I can do that!  When her little pumpkin was full we headed home.  She was nice enough to share her loot.  I think I have a tummy ache!  The favourite candy of the day are Rockets.  She'd pop a couple into her mouth and say, 'Look Mama, they're juicy!' (eyes half closed savouring the treat).

Nana and Big Nanny got her the Curious George costume last year and she would not let it touch her.  This year, she's been wearing it since September. Thanks Nana and Big Nanny!

Getting ready to hit the road....

She's got it down pat now!  She likes one of us to knock on the door though...

Happy Halloween!  Happy birthday big brother!!


Tracy T. said...

That picture is so cute. I love her costume. Does she have any candy left over?

Donna Thibodeau said...

Shame on you for eating her