Saturday, 2 October 2010

My cousin 'Nafan'

Ryan just couldn't get enough of her cousin 'Nafan' this summer.  Talking about him, putting away things for him, planning to go visit him...  Just the other day she pointed out that there were 2 extra seats in the car; one for Daddy and one for 'my cousin Nafan'.   We talked to her about her other cousins and she would just give us this blank stare.  I knew exactly what was going through her mind, 1 Mama, 1 Daddy, 1 cousin and his name is 'Nafan'.   Luckily, she got to spend some time with Nathan and Natasha and of course, I snapped a picture.

Here they are after Natasha had just returned from a week-long trip to NYC with Tracy, a belated 16th b-day present. Nataha made a special trip to FAO Shwarz to get Ryan the cutest little pink monkey and even brought her the t-shirt she's wearing in the pic.   Tracy, if your reading this, I talked to Ryan and she really wants you to take me to Iceland for her 16th b-day.  She's very generous!

When we were in PEI this summer I snapped this picture one evening on the beach of Ryan and her Nanny.  Really, it says alot to me.  So much so I can't even begin to blither on about.  I'll just let it speak the 1000 words it has to say all on its own.  Hmmm, I'd like to also thank photo-editing software.  This picture was really over-exposed and I darkened it up alot. 

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Tracy Thibodeau said...

Well, Iceland it is. I will start saving now for the both of you. Don't tell Rob. Lovely blog. Your pictures are gorgeous.