Sunday, 26 September 2010

Just me and my dad.

Ryan is definitely Daddy's girl lately.  With Jason recruiting again this fall and being away from home so much, I wanted to make her a little something that might make her feel better when she's missing him. 

So yesterday I went to 'A Crop for the Cure' which was an amazing fundraiser for breast cancer research.  The food, the company and the prizes were amazing and I will definitely be back again next year.

While I was there I managed to put together this little 6x6 album of Ryan and her Daddy doing all of her favourite things.  I hope she likes it!


PamelaM said...

Awe Cathy that turned out great. I am sure Ryan will love it. I especially love the last photo of she and J at the little table. Great job. You are a wonderful mommy.

Kimmartha said...

Yes, that last photo - melt my heart!!! There is something so special about a Daddy and his little girl - it's amazing what they will at the word "Daddy..." Wonderful albm!

AprilC said...

OMG the last photo..too cute for words!!!!

Great job on the mini album!

Tracy T. said...

You are amazingly creative. Great job Cathy.