Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I'm on a roll!

Here's another lay out of our PEI vacation.  It really was so fun to see Ryan exploring the beach and the water.  I can't wait to go back!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Free as a Bird

Here's a lay out of our trip to PEI.  Ryan LOVED the beach and the water and the sand.  Can you tell?

Sunday, 25 July 2010

I think we're beach people....

Here we are, back from a week long vacation on PEI.  We rented a cottage on the North-East coast (Cable Head). By PEI standards we were in a non-touristy area (still touristy to me, I didn't feel like the only one).  It was about a 1 minute walk from the beach.  The weather was beautiful and so was the beach and the cottage.  We weren't really sure how Ryan would enjoy herself.  We know that she likes the beach but she is also the supreme homebody.  Whenever we go to visit someone it it a matter of hours (usually just one) before we hear 'I want to go to my home!'.   Lucky for us, she started to call the cottage her 'white home' right away!

The week was just what we needed, nothing but  food and fun.  All rules went out the window! By the way, its probably a good idea to wear something with a structured waistline at some point - sometimes one can get carried away with the food part!  Nanny and Nana came to stay with us at the end of the week and it was great to have them, Ryan was especially tickled.

Here are some pics. Of course, I don't think I got a single good face shot of Ryan.  Oh well, sometimes the moment needs to be immortalized in the brain and not on paper. Irregardless, here are a few of my favourite shots :o)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Party time!

Ryan had her 3rd birthday party yesterday and fun was had by all (I think).  Little Miss was well behaved as were all the other girls in attendance.  I was really happy with this because I decided that t-shirt painting would be a great idea and then realized that when Ryan paints, she likes to put 5lbs of paint on one sheet of paper!  Hee hee!  They all did really well though and I was happy with the activity.

At one point during her party, Ryan was just taking it all in.  She looked at me and said, 'Mama - I have a lot of friends!'. 

Ryan loved that there were decorations for her party.  Her aunt Tracy came to take her to the park so we could get ready - when they got back she was looking for the rest!

I got the idea for these banners from a blog I frequent - thought they were so pretty I just had to try them myself!

The t-shirt painting area.  I covered my fabric seat covers with towels!

Hard at work! Ryan and her little friends did an amazing job!  I hope they all enjoy showing off their haute couture :o)

Drying off on the line.

The finished product.  The 2nd image is the back of the shirt.  I had them all pre-stamped with their initials so they would know whose was whose.

These 3 girls have been to all of each others parties since birth - of course they're only 3.  But still that's 9 parties!

It was a great day with great friends!  Thanks for coming everyone :o)

Monday, 5 July 2010

Ice cream anyone?

I spent a lot of time looking at ridiculously priced ice cream toys to indulge Ryan's new love and decided that there was no way I could spend $30 to $40 dollars on play ice cream.  Then, I had a eureka moment one day at work.  I thought, 'I bet I can crochet an ice cream cone!'.  Sure enough, I found a  free pattern on-line of course. I can't seem to find it now to post, but I came across this one that I like better.   You gotta love ice cream with no calories! I know I do!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

She's Three!

OMG - she's three and I can hardly believe it.  The time really does fly. 

We woke up yesterday morning and I said, 'Happy Birthday Peanut!',  to which Ryan replied, 'Its not my birfday today, my birfday is Saturday!'.   I said, 'Well it is Saturday today!'.  I don't think she really knew what to say after that we've been talking about it for so long! 

She spent the morning with her Nanny and 'my cousin Nafan', and Natasha (who is also a cousin but has not yet achieved the title in daily speach - its almost like she thinks she can only have 1 cousin) at the market and Science East.  We went to several parks, had cheesie-hamburgers and pizza for supper followed by an ice-cream cone shaped cake and a few presents.  All-in-all a pretty good day for a three year old!

She even decided she would pose for me!  By the way, this is probably onl the 3rd time she has willingly looked at the camera and smiled!