Monday, 5 July 2010

Ice cream anyone?

I spent a lot of time looking at ridiculously priced ice cream toys to indulge Ryan's new love and decided that there was no way I could spend $30 to $40 dollars on play ice cream.  Then, I had a eureka moment one day at work.  I thought, 'I bet I can crochet an ice cream cone!'.  Sure enough, I found a  free pattern on-line of course. I can't seem to find it now to post, but I came across this one that I like better.   You gotta love ice cream with no calories! I know I do!


PamelaM said...

This is really cute Cathy. It looks good enough to eat:)

Kimmartha said...

How cute is this!!! You and Hollee need to get together and have a crochet craft sale!

Jenn said...

This is sooooo adorable!!!

I'm thinking a Tiger Flavoured ice cream cone is in order. Yummmm!!!