Sunday, 4 July 2010

She's Three!

OMG - she's three and I can hardly believe it.  The time really does fly. 

We woke up yesterday morning and I said, 'Happy Birthday Peanut!',  to which Ryan replied, 'Its not my birfday today, my birfday is Saturday!'.   I said, 'Well it is Saturday today!'.  I don't think she really knew what to say after that we've been talking about it for so long! 

She spent the morning with her Nanny and 'my cousin Nafan', and Natasha (who is also a cousin but has not yet achieved the title in daily speach - its almost like she thinks she can only have 1 cousin) at the market and Science East.  We went to several parks, had cheesie-hamburgers and pizza for supper followed by an ice-cream cone shaped cake and a few presents.  All-in-all a pretty good day for a three year old!

She even decided she would pose for me!  By the way, this is probably onl the 3rd time she has willingly looked at the camera and smiled!


PamelaM said...

I love these pics of Ryan. Look at the big smile. It is amazing how fast time goes by. Happy Birthday Ryan! We'll see you next weekend to celebrate.

Kimmartha said...

Sooooooo cute!! Glad you all had a fun day!

Jenn said...

Sounds like a super day!!! Yay for 3's!!!

HyunJu said...

Hey~ my little girl, Ryan!
I love your smile. Miss you very much~

Hyun Ju