Saturday, 9 October 2010

Owl, apple, frog, newsboy

I made Ryan a few hats.  She likes the owl the best.  She's also worn the apple (more than in the house).  When I finished the froggy and she tried it on she wore it all one evening.  She was watching tv and drinking water from her sippy cup and I noticed her saying, 'Froggy thirsty.'  Then she put the sippy cup up to her forehead.  I laughed!

Do you think I could get them all on her to get pictures?  Not!  So there here is the post sporting most of them.  I like the post - it doesn't run away :o)

Oh yeah, this is just for the sake of my poor memory.  Today Ryan asked me if I had a baby in my belly.....  What?  I asked her if she had one in hers.  She said, no das silly!


Hollee said...

I LOVE all of these!!! And your flower turned out great!!! :) She looks super super cute in the owl hat too! :)

Kimmartha said...

GORGEOUS!!! Love how talented you are with the crochet hook!

PamelaM said... the hats. Ryan is looking mighty pretty in her owl hat and I love her big smile. The post did a pretty good job too...hee hee!

AprilC said...

Gah I need that froggy hat!! Super cute are very talented!

JennC said...

Your hats are awesome!! For some reason, I can't make them very well when I have to alter it to adjust for sizing.

Vanessa said...

These are sooo cute!
I love the are so good at making them!