Friday, 17 August 2007

And she smiles!!!!

Little Ms Ryan is turning into a social butterfly! She has had tons of visitors in the last 6 weeks. From her grandmothers (Nana and Nanny) and great grandmother (Great Nanny V), to all of her aunts and uncles, not to mention her cousins Natasha, Nathan and Lauren and of course her new littles friends (what fun to have a baby during a baby boom - there are so many people to draw friendship and support from). Even though she slept through most of these visits I know that she will come to love and appreciate all of the people who surround her.

These visits have been accompanied by a whole lot of firsts.... She has been to her first movie (Hairspray) and while she didn't say a whole lot about it I think she was pleased. She had her first professional pictures done at 2 weeks (what an experience that was). She went to Bathurst for the first time (and slept through a borderline tornado on the way - good thing Uncle Robbie is such a good driver!)

What about the developmental milestones? As the title of this post indicates - Ryan can smile! And what a beautiful smile it is :o) It is so different from the gassy little smirk she had been flashing up until last week that there was no mistaking the full smile that took over her face - it is the sweetest thing. She has started making those breathy little vowel sounds that will soon be a continuous streem of baby talk. She is also incredibaly alert - even her Doc commented on it. We cannot wait to see what's next.

All is well in our little world! Until next time....


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What a beautiful smile!!

Have you scrapbooked those pics yet?