Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Christmas is upon us!

I can't believe that it is December 18th already! This time next week we'll all be passed out from a turkey overdose... To everyone I have sent cards to, I must apologize for the delay. I booked Ryan's xmas pics for mid November so I would have them back in plenty of time to share with the masses. When I went to pic them up - they didn't turn out! You can imagine my disappointment. So we went in again the next day for a re-shoot and then waited ANOTHER 3 weeks thereby making my cards late, late, late! You can imagine my dissapointment...

Ryan has been busy since my last post. She has written a letter to Santa (I helped her translate of course) asking for a sled and a toybox for all the toys she will be getting. Is she already showing signs of her parents compulsive cleaning and organizing behaviours? She has also been to visit Santa to have her picture taken and seemed rather unimpressed. I think she might be the little girl yawning on the roller coaster! 2 photo shoots and numerous shopping trips later and here we are. With just a few odds and ends left, I think that we are almost ready. I hope that Ryan loves her first Christmas as much as we will love having her here for it!

So what is new with Ryan? I have to say that the changes in her over the last month are amazing. She is so interactive and starting to exhibit a real interest in her little toys. She can now sit up with and without assistance (I guess it depends on how excited she is), and has been taking an evening bottle for a couple of weeks now. We haven't started her on solids yet but that is just a matter of time. She is growing like a weed and when I weighed her at her Nanny Thibodeau's a week ago she weighed 19.5lbs! She loves to grab for everything - especially mommies new hair - and nothing is safe within her reach. EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. During bathtime she gets her own little facecloth to suck on. The funniest thing... Ryan does impressions, the best is Sylvester Stallone. She starts talking away out of the side of her mouth and waving her little arms. Too cute!

Well - I hope that you and yours have a magical holiday season. We'll be in touch :o)

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