Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Good cop, bad cop.

The line has been drawn in the sand.  It has become clear to Ryan that Jason and I have distinct roles within our family unit.  He is the good cop.  I am the bad cop.  I'm not sure how I feel about that....

Scene 1:  Last Wednesday night (August 11th, 2010). 8:30pm, right before before bed. Sitting in the family room.

Ryan:   Mama, I wan't orange juice (which is actually apple juice in juice box form)
Mama: Sorry Ryan, no more orange juice tonight. You can have some tomorrow night.
             Lip is quivering, BAM!  Full fledged crying.  Like a flash little miss Ryan is up the stairs
Ryan:   Daddy!!! (Sob, sob, sob) I asked Mama for orange juice and she said the 'no'!
Daddy:  Did it upset you when Mama said no?
Ryan:   Yes - I was upset! I want Mama say the 'yes'. Hmpf.
No more juice boxes were had that night.....

Scene 2:  The following Thursday night. I'm walking around the yard, Jason is getting ready to head out.

Ryan:   Daddy, I want to play in the turkle pool.
Daddy: You’ll have to ask Mama Ryan, Daddy has to leave.
Ryan:   (Sounding increasingly agitated) I don’t want to ask Mama.
Daddy: How come?
Ryan:   Because I don’t want to be upset! I want Mama to say the ‘yes’ but Mama says the ‘no’!
Daddy: (Trying to fight back a laugh) Let’s go together and ask Mama, we’ll see what she says.
Daddy: OK, tell Mama what you wanted to ask her.
Ryan:   No , I want you to do it!

We played in the turkle pool.  It was fun.  See, Mama can be fun too!


Hollee said...

LOL Good cop be damned!! She may see him as a softie now, but when the chips are down and she truly NEEDS somebody - it's your number she will dile :) Let Daddy the good-cop handle the piercings and boy friends :)

Kimmartha said...

Daddy's little girl - they sure know how to play them!! She's just too cute!

PamelaM said...

I am so glad you documented this. This is priceless!

Auntie Em said...

Hollee's right! Once it's boys and body art, watch daddy's tune change! Enjoy your power for now! :D

TrudyNH said...

It's funny I read this posting today Cathy. Long story short, a friend of mine was the opposite of you and gave in to her daughters every whim. 15 years later, she is covered in tattoos, nasty looking piercings and is just about ready to give birth. At 15. When my friend met Ryan (and commented on what a gentleman he was) she shook her head. She repeatidly asked "where did I go wrong". My response...."you couldn't say no, and neither could she". You're an awesome "BAD COP" mom. :0) Miss the peanut terribly.