Monday, 17 January 2011

Pillow Pets?

Here is another project that I wanted to do for Ryan for Christmas.  I stumbled upon it on a blog called Filth Wizardy where there are some great ideas for children's projects.  It seemed super simple and then, as chance had it, I stumbled upon the same unicorn head that she used (from the Dollarama none-the-less).  I also just happend to have the perfect piece of fleece left over.  Thankfully, the sewing portion was not overly challenging - I'm a lot rusty!

A little bit of sewing later and Ryan had her very own unicorn pillow pet!  I know she likes it because she gets a little preturbed when Lucy tries to share!  We're still working on sharing....

I used ribbon instead of velcro or snaps.  It seemed like the easiest at the time and I was facing a little bit of a Christmas time crunch!

Here it is in its pillow form.  I like it better tied - her nose points south a little too much in this format.

Thanks for looking!


Auntie Em said...

This is one of the sweetest and easy to do crafts I have seen in a long time! How cute and creative!
Thanks for sharing! :o)

JennC said...

That's so awesome!!! what a super sweet one of a kind project!