Saturday, 15 January 2011

You've got mail!

I discovered a blog before Christmas called Twelve Crafts Til Christmas which had an awesome tutorial to make your own play Pretend and Play Mail Carrier Kit.  I decided that this just had to under the tree for little Miss Ryan.  She had previously spent a lot of time hiding things and checking the mail.  I thought she might relate....  Well, a couple of late nights, and Christmas morning came.  Ryan opend her kit and exclaimed, 'Mail - this is just what I wanted for Christmas'.  You can't ask for a better reaction than that can you?

I grew up with dolls and toys that my mom made me.  I mostly loved them but I really love doing the same for Ryan.  This project was really fun to do and I would highly reccomend it.  I can't wait to try more from Elizabeth at Twelve Crafts.  She really does have some great ideas!

Here is the complete set;

And a personalized letter from Nana (as written by Mama);

The mailbox with a button top closure.  The flag goes up and down and is held in place by a jumbo brad;

You've got mail!

And the mail bag in case you want to deliver it yourself.  I just winged the dimensions on this one;


PamelaM said...

Oh my gosh, Cathy. That is way cuter than I even imagined. It turned out awesome. Adding the letters are a perfect touch!

Cathy W said...

Thanks - it is definitely a fav. We played with it this week-end.

Sarah said...

Wow!!! I was thinking exactly what Pam wrote. It is super cute. I can see why Ryan loves it!

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

ADORABLE!!! You did a great job, and I'm sure your daughter will have hours, days, months and years of fun with it! I'll be showing this off at twelve crafts!