Sunday, 20 March 2011

Something new...

Last summer one of Jason's very best friends asked him to take pictures at his wedding.  A New Years Eve wedding.  He said he likes Jason's pictures and thought that he'd do a great job.  Jason said, 'Sure, Cathy and I would love to do it!'  And so there it was - set in stone.  I started to hyperventilate immediately, Jason waited until December 30th.

I have to say, wedding photographers are worth every penny they charge!  It was alot of work, although I'm sure that experience makes it a little easier.  I knew that I was working with some challenges.  It was an evening wedding in the dead of winter.  We have great equipment but not professional equipement.  I was scared out of my mind.  I even e-mailed the bride who I didn't know very well to inform her that we were not professionals and were working with some limitations.  As I explained to her, the groom expectation of his wedding pictures was maybe a little different than the brides.  She set my mind at ease a little.

So, I had to figure out a way to keep it together.  My philosophy became to capture the day.  I was no longer looking for the perfect professional shot but great memories of the entire day.  I really love the photo-journalistic style that a lot of photographers use today.  I tried to use this as my model.

We finally gave Allie and Erica their pics this past week-end.  They were very gracious and oooed and awwed approriately.  They are quite a couple and I have to say it really was an honour to have played such a large part in this day with them.  Thanks guys!

Erica had immaculate attention to detail.  You'll notice the 'wedding director' in the background.  Everyone involved in the wedding had a similar t-shirt with their role on it.  Hey wait a second.  Where was my photographer t-shirt?

I love this pic.  While Jason was getting some of the more obvious shots I was sneaking around.  This is through a french door during the ceremony itself.

 OK - so we did make them pose a little.  How could we not?  Noote the shoes - they were the dancing shoes.


Is she gorgeous or what?  I get the feeling that she is just as beautiful on the inside. Good job Allie!

The bride and groom.

I love this shot.  Allie and his mom are in the foreground and Erica and her dad in the background.  Little moments.  I think Jason might have been standing on a chair to get this one.

The new extended family.  These kinds of pics are a challenge.

And last but not least, I captured 5 or 6 shots of New Years Eve before I put my camera to bed.  They are my favourites.  They have such an old world feel to them.  They are super grainy but beautiful just as they are.


JennC said...

Wow!!! You captured their special day so beautifully!! :-)

Hollee said...

Wow! Amazing job!

Erica Jane said...

I feel so honoured, we're like celebs now! Thank you again Kathy, our ooos and awwws were appropriately placed bacause they were and still are completely genuine. I recommend you ask Allie about your missing is stuck to the iron! He had four shirts to finish...your's and Jason's "Official Photographer" and "Official Photographers Boss" (heehee) and my Grand Parents, he turned the letters on the wrong side and they are still stuck to the I've got three plain shirts, three unused cut out letters and one t-shirt with many failed attemps on it...that would have been Jasons (Allie wears it now as an undershirt) and a ruined iron...sad!