Sunday, 2 May 2010

Hello Donna?

We went to St. Stephen in March to see my nephew Nathan compete in the provincial hockey tournament for his age group. Unfortunatley they didn't win (its all for fun though isn't it guys?) but Ryan did seal her relationship with her Auntie Donna. We don't get to see the Thibodeau-White's as often as we would like so Ryan really hadn't had the opportunity to bond with Donna. However, she was stuck to her like white on rice this day and would not leave her side. It was pretty cute and it gave my back a little break (Donna got to do a lot of carrying - thanks Donna!)... When we got home Jason overheard Ryan talking on her phone. She said, 'Hello Donna? It was nice to meet you today. I'm making dishes and playing with my friend Daddy!'
Don't kids say the darndest things?

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