Friday, 14 May 2010

She does the sweetest things.

So little Ryan started reading. More like she has a very good memory and with the help of the pictures she can give a pretty good accounting of the story that needs to be told. However, she like to read with us while we're reading our own stories. As soon as she notices that we're watching she turns away or walks to a corner to continue. The little girl who could walk around the mall in the buff and not be the least bit shy seems to consider reading to be a very private affair. Last night she was reading Dora and Daddy was reading Diego. I have always loved to read and hoped that she would share that love as well. I'm so happy that she does!


PamelaM said...

How cute. It's difficult to tell if daddy is awake...hee hee!

J does this with her book "Caillou est malade". She pretty much has it memorized. lol!

PS - great pic of Ryan!

Anonymous said...

So darned cute! Reading is awesome and I'm glad to hear she is learning to love it at an early age....thanks for sharing Cathy.

Pregnant2000 said...

Seeing her learn at such an early age brought me great joy! People often thought I was crazy when I said Big Ryan could read at age 2 so Little Ryan is just proof that it does happen. Look out teachers at Priestman comes a smartie!

Hyun Ju said...

She loves books, for sure! Sometimes, she asked her BF, Nicholas to sit beside her and they read books together. Just sooo~ cute!