Tuesday, 25 May 2010

She is her own person.

I can't say that enough. I remember as a child that my mom was all about ribbons and bows.... and I was not. I grew up into a very straight edged (wardrobe) kinda girl; perhaps a rebellion from all of the frilly frou frou that was my lot as a child. But sometimes, since Ryan has graced us with her presence, I feel a little bit of my mom creeping in and I see a little of myself in Ryan.

We decided to have a girls week-end, Ryan and I, and went to Bathurst to visit my mom (Nana) and my Nanny (big Nanny). Motivated by my friend Pam, I brought home all the supplies to make a pretty little pillowcase dress for Ryan. I thought the timing was perfect because I could call on the sewing expertise of the generations. Well we finished the little masterpiece late at night and I presented it to Ryan the next morning. She promptly told me to hang it in the closet. I had a feeling this would be the result but I still wanted to try. I have to say I admire her tenacity. The whole week-end that dress was not going to touch her.

However, since the weather was so beautiful we decided to spend some time at the beach. This was more her scene. The flatfish were biting off the point and there was no lack of fisherman looking for their share. Ryan was among them.

So I guess I am learning from Ryan everyday that it is OK to have dreams and desires for your child. But she has a mind of her own and a voice to let her desires be known! Who am I to quash that?


PamelaM said...

Love the dress and I love the picture of Ryan also. So happy that you had a great visit and that you got to spend some time at the beach.

Jenn said...

Your dress is darling and I love that Ryan loves to fish. :o)

Pregnant2000 said...

She's awesome no matter what!

Hyun Ju said...