Thursday, 9 December 2010

Another holly jolly week-end!

Its coming, its coming, its coming! Christmas is coming!!!  I have most the decorations up, we're just waiting for the tree which we intend to get next week-end.

I was doing a little blog surfing when I came upon these.  I searched all over town for square pretzels and finally came across some at the Bulk Barn.  They also had the Candy cane Kisses and Christmas smarties too.  I've got to say that these are  a super child friendly goodie to pull together.  Ryan loved unwrapping the kisses and dropping them on the pretzels.  I heard her say numerous times - I'm a good helper!

We also had the chance to write a letter to Santa.  Ryan had a hard time wrapping her head around asking for something.  The only uninfluenced thing that she has come up with is a horse puzzle.  Good thing my friend Sarah suggested she might have been talking about My little Pony....

Jason and I went to our first ugly Christmas Sweater party.  We headed over to Jinglers and found that we were not the only ones heading off to such a party.  It was fun but we are so not party animals!  Also, I was told that my sweater just wasn't ugly enough!  The nerve!

On Sunday Ryan had a Christmas party with her friends Ava and Juliana.  I planned a couple of crafts and tried to make the house a little festive even though the tree isn't up yet.  Ryan and I cut out these snowflakes to hang up.  Ryan did the squarish one that is almost dead centre all by herself!

This was the craft station all set up. 

The girls did a wonderful job making their snowflake plates and jingle bells.  And only a few marshmallows and chocolate chips were harmed in the process :0)  That may be stretching the truth just a little....

They also loved opening up some presents. 

And then off to the basement we went so they could burn off some energy.  Of course, Ryan wanted a piggy back ride for the first time ever!  Thanks for grabbing the camera Sarah.

It really is wonderful to see how the girls have grown over the last 3 and 1/2 years.  Pam, Sarah and I work together and were on maternity leave at pretty much the same time.  We have been getting together for play dates, birthdays and Christmas parties ever since.  I will be curious to see how their relationship develops as they enter the school years.  I think we might have our hands full (especially Pam judging by Juliana's hand gesture - hee hee)!

Until next time!


PamelaM said...

Loving all your posts. I am so happy we are friends and I am sure the girls will be friends for many years to come. Thanks so much for hosting the Christmas party. We had such a great time.

PS - I would love to see the ugly sweater in colour...hee hee!

Cathy W said...

Lol - the ugly sweater is in b&w for a reason. Its the only way that pic was going to make the cut! Jason doesn't handle camera flashes well...