Monday, 6 December 2010

Let the festivities begin!

The Christmas season has started off with a bang!  Jason only just finished his last day of travelling and we had Ryan's Christmas Concert.  She was the cutest little raccoon there ever was but unfortunately she had her mask on the ENTIRE time.  We yelled at her teacher at the end to take it off. 

Here she is with her daycare bff Ella.

We managed to get our Christmas lights up the next day.  Before we left for the Santa Claus parade this is what they looked like.  While we were at the parade it snowed and snowed and snowed.  Ten cm must have fallen while we were there.  So much snow fell ....

.....that we spent a little time indoors.  Ryan thought the Carolers were pretty interesting.  We we supposed to drive around and look at the lights afterwards but we really couldn't see out of the windows it was so humid and wet.

The next morning this was my view out of the front door.  I gotta say - I love the white stuff a lot more before Christmas than I do afterwards!

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TrudyNH said...

Peanut looked so cute in a dress and tights. I think of her whenever I pass by the nail polish in the store!