Monday, 6 December 2010

I remember the Montreal Massacre

I remember when 14 women died because of the path they chose for their education and as a result of cyclical hatred and oppression of women that made Marc Lepine think that this was his only option.

I am a feminist.  It is not a dirty word.  I am a feminist and I want my daughter to have every opportunity in the world.  I am a feminist and I don't ever want her to feel that she cannot do something because she is 'just' a girl.  I am a feminist and I embrace all things feminine but want the freedom to do all things without judgement or criticism.

I am a feminist and I don't think that women have truly obtained equality in society today.  It doesn't take long for socialization to rear its ugly head, I've already heard my daughter at 3 1/2 say things like, 'I can't draw that Daddy, girls only draw suns and faces.'  She didn't hear this from me or Daddy.

I am a feminist and I hope that someday soon nobody ever feels that their aspirations are limited by their gender.

Learn a little more about what happened on December 6th, 1989 here;

And don't be scared to call yourself a feminist.  Its not a dirty word.

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TrudyNH said...

Oh Cathy, I know I comment often on your abilities but you truly are gifted at so many things. Your photographs make me smile and your words make me cry! But I am very emotional. I'm sure Peanut will never shy away from doing something just because society thinks it's not "girlie" enough. She is head strong. She is determined. She is a mini YOU!