Saturday, 12 June 2010

Art Show à la Ryan

Friday afternoon was the Completion Ceremony and Art Show at Ryan's daycare.  They did a wonderful job and the wall and fences were covered in the kids artwork. There were refreshments and beautiful artwork and a little completion ceremony to recognize their progress throughout the year.  6 of Ryan's masterpieces were on display.  She is quite the budding artist.  I have to say it is great fun to spend time at the daycare to see how all the little munchkins interact with each other.

Ryan recieves her certificate and gives Carla five.

The masterpieces.  I've been in touch with the Louvre. They're just rearranging their wall space.


PamelaM said...

YAY Ryan!!! Love her artwork. I hope momma will be putting some on display until the Louvre is ready for them.

PS - I had to chuckle when I saw the yellow shirt...tee hee!

Donna Thibodeau said...

Great job Ryan!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Ryan completed the 2's class and she is about to move on to the 3's. Once again, time really flies! I am very proud of her! She is a great child! I still remember how she sucked her thumb while she touched her glasses with her pointer. ^^ I miss her smile, too!

Hello, Ryan!
Congratulations with a lot of love~
I miss you.

Hyun Ju