Saturday, 5 June 2010

First babsitter - check!

So I had a baby shower to go to today and it has been in the works for a while.  It just so happened that Jason had to go out of town and the usual suspects that I would call on were all MIA as well.  So I asked a little girl down the street if she thought she was up to it and she was happy to oblige.  Knowing her mom and her aunt were certainly a big indicator as to how great a girl she'd be.  Since it was her first time babysitting and Ryan's first time being babysat and they had never met before I asked her to come over last night just so Ryan could meet her and she could get through that shy phase. 
Ryan was a little shy but was also really enamoured with her pink big girl bike.  She liked her enough that she wanted her to have pudding to.  If that's not camaraderie I don't know what is!  In the wise and often repeated words of Dora the Explorer, 'Its a match!' 

And our little babysitter, she is such a mature little girl.  I went though some stuff with her and I asked her if she had any questions for me.  Right away she asked if Ryan had any allergies.  I knew then that she would be able to exercise good judgement and little Ryan would be safe in her hands.  I left this afternoon with them both sitting at the kitchen table painting.  Ryan didn't even give me a second glance!   I have to admit though, I was the first one to leave the shower (baby steps)....

I had been contemplating getting my first real teenage babysitter for awhile but the situation never called for one before.  I was a little worried because Ryan had been whining incessantly for her Daddy.  I really wanted this to be a positive experience for both of the girls.  I am so happy that I took the plunge finally.  Most people probably do it a lot sooner but, oh well, better late than never.


PamelaM said...

I am so happy that it went well. I think us mommies tend to stress a little more than the munchkins. I had no doubt A would be awesome. Now to get her parents to move closer to us. hee hee!

Kimmartha said...

C - That little teen was one happy girl when she got home! She gave me all the details just like it was Christmas - and she can't wait to come back! Thanks for "breaking her in" with such a good little one!

P - WE aren't the ones looking for a new home - hint hint! ;D