Saturday, 12 June 2010

How the stars of the World Cup began....

Thursday night was Ryan's very first Soccer practise. We decided to enroll her despite the overwhelming evidence that not much soccer playing would go on. The night progressed as follows;

NO - I don't want to change out of my filthy pajama shirt.
NO - I don't want to put on anything resembling soocer attire, including sneakers.
NO - I don't want to go, I want to play on the road.

Then we got to the field which is conveniently located next to the community park and I heard the following;

NO - I don't want to play soccer, I want to go to the park.
NO - I don't want to use the soccer balls provided, I want the one that little girl is using.

We spent about 10 minutes at soccer and 45 minutes at the park.  I'll aim for 15 soccer minutes next week.  I think she shows promise :o)

I am also hopping that the word 'yes' is in my future.


Kimmartha said...

Our first year of soccer, T spent more time on the blanket with me than on the field. The second year, he spent about 25% of the time on the blanket, 50% of the time on the field and 25% of the time in his room because of temper tantrums. The third year he had a blast. And that was the last year he wanted to play!

PamelaM said...

This makes me wish I had put J in a sport this summer. Who am I kidding...I would melt.ha ha!

I am sure yes is in your future. You just have to wait another 25 years. You can do it.